Embroidery and Logo Printing

We offer customised embroidery service on all our products except for our caps. Our graduation stoles in particular are very effective when embroidered. Choose from a wide range of colours, and even add the crest of your institution to make it even more unique.

We offer name and year embroidery, school crest embroidery and initials and lettering on all our graduation items except headwear. 

Highly detailed logos are not generally suitable for embroidery, so a simplified version may be offered. For a considerably cheaper option, we offer printed logos, although this type of embroidery service will not match the quality of stitching.

4-5 days are required for an embroidered sample to be produced on request, and a further 3-5 days for large-scale production. Embroidery is charged by the stitch count, so please send us the crest of your institution for a quote. Please note we only offer embroidery on orders of 10 items or more.

Should you have any questions please contact us on +44 1234 880956.


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