Graduation Ceremony Marriage Proposal Shock

Graduation Proposal

Student Assel Nurmukhambetova, 22, had just received her Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance at a Graduation Ceremony from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

Assel who looked stunning in her Graduation Gown was about to leave the stage when she spotted her boyfriend Ibragim Tashim also 22 running towards the stage with a bouquet of red roses.

With roses in one hand and a ring box in the other, he then proceeded to recite a love song to Assel in front of the entire Graduation Ceremony Audience before asking for her hand in marriage.

By this point the public marriage proposal had left the would be bride embarrassed and unimpressed.

She was even more embarrassed when he placed the ring on the wrong finger and when he went to kiss her she turned her cheek away from him.

As they proceeded to walk off stage back to their original seats she was unable to look at him.

However, as they say, all’s well that ends well and alas a happy ending was in sight.

Ibragim has confirmed that he will marry Assel and his brave romantic proposal has turned out to be a successful one. He went on to say her less than enthusiastic reaction was down to her being in shock as the only word she spoke was yes. Although the only word he wanted to hear was yes.

The happy couple met while studying in their native Kazakhstan and both transferred to Scotland at the same time so they could stay together and will marry in Kazakhstan.

A happy ending for all concerned.

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