Japanese Graduation Gowns

Japanese Graduation


Graduation Attire will soon have a new Graduation Gown hire/buy service available to Japanese Graduation Ceremonies.

University Graduation Ceremonies in Japan are often held in the last week of March.

In Japan, graduation ceremonies are extravagant occasions, as students celebrate the completion of their formal education and brace themselves for the challenges of their next stage in life.

Japanese graduation ceremonies are different in several ways compared to ceremonies held in other parts of the world.

  1. Universities in Japan do not require (or manufacture) graduation robes for their undergraduate class.
  2. Many universities do not even have dress codes: students may freely attend their ceremonies in flip-flops if they so wish.
  3. Japanese ceremonies often only call up class representatives up to collect the diplomas on behalf of their graduation class during the main hall ceremonies, and then they distribute them out in more intimate mini-ceremonies after.
  4. Japanese parents and family members quite rarely turn up for graduation ceremonies. Graduation in Japan is more like a celebration for fellow graduates, friends, and professors, rather than a proud moment for parents for their child’s achievements.

 The advantage of not sharing the proud moment with the parents is it gives graduates the opportunity to attend post-ceremony drinking parties to celebrate their graduation success.

That is definitely in accordance with global standards of graduation etiquette!

For more details of the new service by Graduation, Attire call 01234 880956.

 Original Source: http://jpninfo.com/4715

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